Tim J. Strauch, II: If you can dream it, you can do it!

Tim J. Strauch, II, Technology Teacher Community Outreach Academy

I’ve lived in Sacramento almost my entire life (over 45 years). I’m a 6th generation, native Sacramentan. My family has lived in Sacramento since 1858. What I like best about the city is its rich history. There’s exciting history that happened in Sacramento and it’s still out there waiting to be shared with people!

I chose to be a teacher after a discussion with my Dad.  He was also a teacher for over 40 years!  Teaching has always been big in my family.  Several of my cousins are teachers and college professors. As a matter of fact, my great-great-aunt, Hazel Strauch, was an accomplished teacher here in Sacramento and Strauch Elementary in the Twin Rivers School District is named after her. I’ve been teaching since 1998, so almost 20 years!

My dreams and goals pretty much get fulfilled each year as I see students having fun at school and enjoying their time at COA!

Probably the characteristic and tradition that I’ve encountered and enjoyed most working with the Slavic Community is their sense of family and inclusion.  I’ve been told by many parents how much they appreciate our dedication and commitment to their child’s education…not just reading, writing, and arithmetic, but also what we include about being a good person.  Our character education is not just something we talk about at COA, we live it, we show it, we believe it.  I’m always grateful to those who think of us as part of their extended family.

What is most important in the character of the teacher? Honesty!  Without honesty, there’s nothing.  There may be times that students and/or parents aren’t ready for it, but they will understand it and always be thankful to you for showing it, even in the hardest of times.

Three most important tips for parents:

-Always, and I do mean always, encourage your students.

-Make sure they are completing their homework. You don’t need to correct it, but you do need to make sure they are completing it.

-Remind students what is and what IS NOT acceptable at school…including behavior, language, the way to treat others, and bringing toys from home!

I definitely think students should read “To Kill a Mocking Bird” and “The Diary of Anne Frank”.  Amazing stories and inspire people to be better.  As for the 3rd, it should be any book that THEY want to read for pleasure!

I, personally, don’t have one favorite book as I read many books from my favorite series or genres.  I enjoy reading Star Wars novels, historical fiction (peaks my interest to learn more of the REAL stories!), and, as a former Disneyland Cast Member, any book to do with Walt Disney.

As Walt Disney is known for saying, “If you can dream it, you can do it!”